South City Park Neighborhood Climate Action Forum Results

May 13, 2017

On Saturday, May 13th, twenty-three primarily South City Park (SCP) neighborhood residents gathered at the Venue on 16th  to plan together how to make their neighborhood more sustainable-i.e. How to Accelerate Climate Action.  The meeting began with a presentation by Parry Burnap on the facts of our current global climate change situation. The stunning technology available in the second floor club room of the Venue made the visual experience of the Al Gore slides she used, all the more dramatic.  Additional factual information for the day was provided by Denver Water, featuring indoor and outdoor usage information for 180 South City Park homes’ usage, and SCP demographic information summarized from the Piton Foundation website.

This Forum was the first of ten such events planned for the neighborhoods within CHUN (Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods) boundaries.

Lunch was provided by Colfax businesses. The Forum began at 10 am with awesome coffee from Hooked on Colfax; lunch was a sandwich buffet with chocolate chip cookies provided by Sprouts and businessman Don Novak.

Planning committee: Libby Comeaux, Lisa Reynolds; Jim Slotta, coordinator

Facilitators: Sunny Walker, Catherine Welch

One Year Action Plans with Teams Assigned:

  • The Dreamers–Sharing available neighborhood resources through Next Door City Park; involvement in the Denver Plan for 16th Avenue usage
  • The Denver Plan–Inter-neighborhood Research–Staying informed about and having influence over South City Park’s future with city planners
  • Leadership Outreach–Reinstatement of the block captains & security building managers in comprehensive communication
  • Survey Team–Finding out what people are currently doing in sustainability practices including a needs assessment and tree cover
  • East High School–Identifying and engaging student sustainability groups & faculty in neighborhood efforts
  • Outreach to Neighborhood Businesses including Sprouts & the Farmers’ Market–Researching current practices in recycling and promoting “buying local” with neighborhood venders.

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